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Are you seeking a natural, fresh from the farm vibe for your next special event? 

Bulk flowers by the bucket are an affordable solution for folks who want to make their own floral arrangements. Perfect for weddings, special occasions and events of all kinds that have a relatively flexible and natural aesthetic. Each bucket contains a generous mix of focal flowers, filler and foliage—all of the ingredients needed to create lush, memorable arrangements.

Will a DIY Bucket work for my event?

If you are flexible when it comes to what flowers and colors you receive, and you like the organic, less structured look that comes with fresh local flowers, then YES a DIY bucket will work for you! DIY Buckets are a wonderful value if you don't have a specific color scheme for your event. 

Here's how it works:

All DIY buckets are "grower's choice" meaning we select the most beautiful seasonal blooms the farm has to offer the week of your event.  We do our best to work within loose color parameters whenever possible (for example “pastels ” or “no red”).

  • Each 5 gallon bucket is filled with roughly 60–80 stems depending on the varieties included—this is enough to make 5–7 quart sized jar arrangements depending on the style in which you arrange them.

  • Here is a list of what blooms when.

  • We are unable to guarantee particular flower varieties (Mother Nature makes the rules) but will do our best to accommodate you when possible. 

  • DIY buckets are $70 and require a $50 deposit at the time of order with the balance due upon pick-up. 

*Premium blooms (peonies, sunflowers or dahlias) aren't included in buckets but can be purchased by the stem or bunch*

Why buy local?

By sourcing your event flowers locally, you are receiving the freshest, highest quality flowers that haven't traveled great distances before they reach you. This means longer vase life, less waste and smaller eco footprint (no air travel!). You will also have the opportunity to play with specialty cut flower varieties that you may not find elsewhere—a fun way to create memories with friends and family and make your event stand out. 

If you feel as though a DIY bucket is a good fit for your event, please email 

We will get back to you in a timely manner. Thank you!

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