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Fresh, premium quality cut flowers

from your local Michigan flower farm.

Located in Chelsea, Michigan
Roadside Flower Stand open June-October  
Weekly Flower CSA/Subscriptions
Available in local markets


Have you ever wondered where your flowers come from?

While we often focus on the origin of our food, it’s equally important to consider the journey of our flowers. The resources, packaging, transportation, and middlemen involved in bringing flowers from point A to B create a significant  impact. When you support your local flower farmer, you know who is growing your flowers, how they are grown and where we grow them.

What if you knew your flower farmer?

tractor working the land on our cut flower farm
Buckets of freshly harvested sunflowers waiting for pickup
your flower farmers
A row of beautiful zinnias for cut flower use
On our Michigan flower farm we sow more than seeds; we sow community. Our flowers don't travel far, they bloom right here in Chelsea, Michigan connecting local flower lovers, gift-givers, and spreaders-of-joy to one another. We value the vital role that small farms play in rural communities like ours. They protect natural resources, the environment and preserve agricultural heritage all while providing healthy and sustainable products locally.We would love to welcome you to our farm community!


How to work with us:

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Reviews from some of our satisfied customers.

"I can’t get enough of Backbeat Farms flowers—perfectly sized, perfectly shaped, adorably packaged and they LAST!  I know Gretchen and her family and she truly embodies integrity, hard work, creativity, and fun!  Can’t wait for next season to see what she has coming up—I’ll be more than ready for my sunshine-in-a-vase!" - Susan

"We love fresh floral arrangements in our kitchen and the only place to purchase fresh flowers is Backbeat Farm.  The flowers are not only gorgeous, but they a long time!  We absolutely loved visiting Backbeat Farm at the farmers market.  Not only is Gretchen and her family amazing, but we always walked away with flowers to further brighten our day.  We gave several arrangements as gifts and received the same feedback.  The flowers are stunning and last for weeks!  If you are looking for a fresh summer floral arrangement, support Backbeat Farm.  You will not be disappointed!" - Christie

"We purchased a large bouquet of sunflowers and a few extra flowers to add some more color to our bouquet.  The flowers were gorgeous and lasted a long time.  Who wouldn't want some beautiful flowers to add color and happiness to their day?! Already looking forward to our next bouquet." - Ashley

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What Goes Into

Every Stem

We are a small family farm located in Chelsea, Michigan dedicated to climate-friendly farming techniques, cultivating the land in balance with the surrounding wildlife and building strong community ties. This farm is our home; our children roam our property, our chickens graze this land, the vegetables and fruits we eat are grown in the same soil where we grow flowers. Because of this, we are committed to growing without the use of herbicides or pesticides, we promise!

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