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Hi! We are Gretchen and Chris Mueller

Backbeat Farm Farmers

In 2008, we moved from our hometown Ypsilanti, Michigan to Seattle, Washington for work and to start a family. After living in that area for about 14 years, Michigan began calling us back. Lured by the dream of having more property and raising our children around family we decided to pack up and head back to our home state. We settled on a house with 6 acres in Chelsea, Michigan located near beautiful Waterloo Recreation Area. We have since been hard at work restoring the land and building our flower farm dream.


Chris is a licensed landscape architect by trade so working with the land has always been a big part of his life. Gretchen, however, was not born with a green thumb; her love of farming has grown slowly over the years through years of trial-and-error backyard gardening with the final straw being a sweet little flock of chickens she raised during the early days of the pandemic.


Our farm is now home to many varieties of vegetables, berries, flowers and of course, chickens. We strive to raise our flowers, vegetables, and chickens using organic and regenerative practices—no herbicides or pesticides here. As we see it, growing healthy soil is our number one job. The flowers and fruits are just a bonus!

Our hope is that our flowers bring calm, joy and beauty into your daily life. Whether you are visiting our farmers market stall or picking up a fresh bouquet from our flower stand, we want you to feel like part of our community. 

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