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How We Farm

We work on a closed loop system: Our table scraps and weeds go to the chickens. We then circulate the chickens through our growing areas to enrich and fertilize our soils and act as "pest control". Branches and other organic matter are composted and eventually applied back on the fields. We operate under a "low-till" protocol, disturbing the soil as little as possible and utilizing cover crops. The results are increased soil microbe life, stronger root systems and the sequestration of atmospheric carbon. 


We give back to the land: We are currently working on plans to restore significant portions of our property to native prairie and woodland areas providing buffers between cultivated areas and the abundant wetlands on our property. All of these efforts will increase habitat for wildlife and allow the land to return to the natural order of things.

Chickens working the land on Backbeat Farm
A Swallowtail Butterfly enjoying pesticide free flower
A row of zinnias on our cut flower farm
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Agricole Farm Stop logo

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