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What is a Flower CSA?

"CSA" is an acronym that stands for Community Supported Agriculture which means you sign on to support us and we make sure to deliver the best of the crops we produce.  When you sign up for the Backbeat Farm CSA, you are purchasing a “share” of  the flower harvest produced on the farm. For example, if we have a stellar dahlia season, you will benefit with the most beautiful dahlias the farm has to offer in your weekly bouquet. 

Small farms play a vital role in rural communities. They protect natural resources and and the environment and 

preserve agricultural heritage while providing healthy and sustainable products locally (see MSU Extension for more on these benefits).  Small farms in the U.S. face many challenges due to changing weather patterns, competition with corporate farms and increased operating costs. As a CSA member you’ll join the growing number of like-minded people who support small farms and contribute to the success of local agriculture


CSA members invest in our farm at the beginning of the growing season when our operating costs peak and our sales are at their lowest. Your investment helps us purchase seed and equipment without taking out costly loans. We pass on savings to you by offering the finest blooms at a discounted rate. In a nutshell, being a CSA member means you can "partner" with Backbeat Farm without ever pulling a weed!

       A Backbeat Farm CSA membership has many benefits:

  • Each week you receive the most beautiful summer bounty our farm has to offer. Our CSA members get VIP treatment and receive only the best of the best blooms arranged in a deluxe-sized bouquet.

  • You are supporting a small farm, boosting your local agricultural economy and helping to preserve your community’s agricultural heritage.

  • You know who is growing your flowers, how they are grown and where we grow them! Like you, we are community members and have a vested interest in protecting our natural resources through sustainable farming practices. Visit “How we farm” to learn more.

  • Each week you will receive a special newsletter all about your blooms.

  • We are available to provide guidance on how to arrange your flowers and care tips on how to keep your cut flowers fresh.

  • You'll be among the first to know about all things Backbeat Farm including events, winter/early spring flowers and promotions.

  • CSA subscription pick up day is the best! As a CSA member, you'll be among many community members who make a "farm run" or take a relaxing trip to the farmers market to pick up your beautiful flowers.

We would love to welcome you to our farm community! Have more questions about our CSA program? Check out our CSA FAQ page


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